COLOMBIA: Expanding Hydrocarbon Frontiers
Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH)
Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH)

The ANH was created by the Colombian Government, through Decree Law No. 1760 of June 26th 2003, as a Special Administrative State Unit within the Mines and Energy Ministry.

The Agency’s responsibility comprises the comprehensive management and exploitation of the Nation’s hydrocarbon resources for the benefit of the Colombian people.

The Agency represents the Government of Colombia and its people by managing the assignment of areas of exploration and exploitation to domestic and foreign E&P companies – ANH does not operate oil and gas fields.

The ANH’s main objective is to achieve an optimal balance between State Take (via Royalties, taxes, foreign exchange and rights when oil prices are high), benefits to society through abundant energy supply and a fair and competitive return to investors.

The new policy looks for Colombian subsurface rights to be open to private and public capital, by facilitating access to investors along with strengthening Ecopetrol’s role as operator, thus maintaining self-sufficiency and generating excess production for export.

Operating under a philosophy that recognizes the requirement for functioning markets, competitive conditions, technology availability and that a sound legal framework is indispensable to the development of a successful oil and gas industry, the Agencia Nacional de Hidrocarburos (ANH) has also reinforced the attractive economic environment in which the sector operates.

  • To manage Colombia’s hydrocarbon resources in an integrated manner.

  • To foster investment, production and employment in the country’s hydrocarbon sector.

  • To secure easy and affordable and reliable access to energy resources.

  • To generate revenues for the Colombian State.

    ANH is investing its resources in the acquisition of information in mature and frontier basins in order to:

  • Provide technical assessment in Colombian basins.

  • Present new areas as part of the exploration portfolio.

  • Grow confidence.

  • Test concepts.

    The ANH is the agency responsible for promoting the rational exploitation of the country’s hydrocarbon resources by balancing the interests of the State, Colombian society and the operating companies in the sector.

    The ANH is to be recognized as a model government institution throughout the world for:

  • Its knowledge of the Colombian geological potential and the optimization of its exploitation;

  • Its efficiency in managing the hydrocarbons sector and cooperative work with both industry and community; and

  • The professionalism of its staff, comprised of a highly trained technically and commercially oriented team.
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