​Promotion and Allocation of Areas

Vice-Presidency of Promotion an​​d Allocation of Areas

The functions of the Vice-Presidency of Promotion and Allocation of Areas of the National Hydrocarbon 

Agency are:

1. Design, evaluate and implement strategies to promote national and international investment in exploration and exploitation of hydrocarbons.

2. Identify the promotion and dissemination needs according to the country’s exploration and exploitation areas.

3. Design, implement and execute the promotion and marketing plan of the Agency in compliance with its objectives.

4. Establish and execute communication processes with potential investors and other stakeholders of the sector, to facilitate investment processes.

5. Approve management reports developed in the execution of plans for the promotion and marketing of the Agency.

6. Formulate, coordinate and implement policies, processes and negotiation procedures and allocation of areas for exploration and production contracts and hydrocarbons technical evaluation to meet the goals set by the Agency.

7. Plan and coordinate, together with competent authorities, the social and environmental management in the blocks to be offered.

8. Recommend to the Presidency the allocation of areas in accordance with the processes established for this purpose.

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