​​​​Modelos de contratos​




Exploratory Period 

With a duration of six (6) years, divided in exploratory phases usually ann​​ual, and with the possibility of an additional exploratory program (further exploratory program) at the end of this period, provided a discovery already exists or there are evaluation or exploitation areas.

Evaluation Program

In order to determine the commercial potential of a discovery, the Contractor shall have an evaluation period of up to two (2) years, depending on the program presented to determine the commerciality of the area.​​

Commercial Area

Once the evaluation is complete, the Contractor must submit ANH a written declaration containing a clear and accurately its unconditional decision to commercially exploit or not the discovery.

Production P​eriod

Up to 24 years, extendable to the economic limit of the Commercial Field, as the Contractor chooses, provided the requirements stipulated in the E&P Contract are complied.​

ANH Contractual Rights

The contract foresees rights in favor of ANH arising from the use of the subsoil, and high prices, once it reaches a cumulative production and in the event of a contract extension.​


At the beginning of each exploratory phase it will establish a minimum guarantee of 10% of the budget.​


ANH requires monitoring of best practices in the industry, including low cost and risk of the contractor.​


ANH collects royalties, which are calculated in proportion to the gross daily total production, based on monthly averages for each field.​

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Model of the Contracted Area, Mandatory Exploration Program, Letter of Credit and Economic Rights (PDF)

November 19 de 2008

​​​​Technical Evaluation Contract

It applies only for free areas.​


Evaluate and improve the hydrocarbons potential knowledge of a given area and identify prospective areas of interest.​

Evaluation Program

It consists of activities of surface exploration, geology, geophysics, geochemistry, mapping, phonology, Stratigraphic drilling, among others.​


It can have a maximum of 18 months in continental areas and a maximum of 24 months in off shore areas.​


A portion of the areas covered by TEA may become E&P contracts when his holder presents/displays exploratory programs accepted by ANH according to their effective regulation.

On a TEA area it is feasible that a third party presents an offer to enter an E&P Contract. In this case, the TEA owner has the option to match or exceed the third party's proposal and thus to be the successful bidder of the E&P Contract.​


A guarantee will be set up equivalent to 10% of the work program amount.​

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May​ 2008​​​