​Lands ​Map (or Area Map)

LANDS MAP, February 22th 2019

The ANH in compliance with its object, publishes the updated Land Map, in which is possible to identify twenty (20) new areas, that from now on, will be subject of the Concurrence and Coordination Process nation territory ordered by the Constitutional Court of Colombia by means of the SU-095 Sentence of 2019.

On the other hand, available areas are published, on which interested companies can make requests for the incorporation of areas for the next process of selecting contractors for hydrocarbon exploration and production activities.

In this section you can find an Updated Booklet on Lands and its geographic representation to february 22th, 2019​.

​​​​​Exploration Areas

(Yellow color blocks): are those where exploration works are carried out.

Technical Evaluation Areas

(Purple dotted blocks): are those where evaluation works ordered by ANH are carried out.

Exploitation Areas

(Red color blocks): are those in which exploitation of hydrocarbons works are carried out.

Areas Available

(Grey color blocks): are those areas that have not been allocated so there is no existing contract, or a proposal has not been awarded; areas partially or totally returned or areas that are been studied by ANH to define the offer scheme.

Reserved Areas

(Orange and green color achurated blocks): Those defined by ANH for energy policy, national security or public order reasons; for their geological, environmental, social characteristics or for having carried out studies there and have projected or have valuable exploratory information.

Areas for competitive process, direct nomination of areas and request for proposals

Areas for public offering defined and posted on ANH's Website.

Areas under negotiation are also represented.​

Updating Brochure and Downloading of Files​

Archivo LYR de simbología para ArcGIS de la grilla de 2.5.zipArchivo LYR de simbología para ArcGIS de la grilla de 2.5
Grilla de 2.5 minutos de arco, coordenadas planas origen Bogotá, Dátum Magna-Sirgas (Shapefile).zipGrilla de 2.5 minutos de arco, coordenadas planas origen Bogotá, Dátum Magna-Sirgas (Shapefile)
listado areas_080719.xlslistado areas_080719