​​Geophysics and Geologic​​al Information

 ​The Technical Vice-presidency is the area responsible for generating the geolog​​ical and geophysical information, and for:

1. Formulating and structuring options and opportunities for exploration and exploitation of the Colombian subsoil.

2. Proposing studies and research in geology and geophysics areas to have a new knowledge about the sedimentary basins of Colombia with a view to evaluate and update the hydrocarbon potential and optimize the use of resources.

3. Establishing General Technical Terms for structuring recruitment required projects.

4. Supervising investment projects, to evaluate and update the hydrocarbon potential of the country.

5. Issuing technical concepts required by the other Vice-presidencies in issues related to allocation of areas, follow up exploration, tracking production, control of areas and others required by the entity.

6. Generating and managing a comprehensive map of lands.

7. Developing guidelines and strategies to manage and promote technical information with a view to fulfilling the objectives of the Agency.

8. Periodically reviewing the price list to sell technical information services.

9. Updating the Technical and Geological Information Manual.

10. Coordinating the technical structuring of competitive rounds.​​