​​Hydrocarbon Contr​acts

The following are functions of the Hydrocarbon Contracts Vice-Presidency of the National Hydrocarbons Agency:

1. Supervise the fulfillment of the exploration and production of hydrocarbon contracts and agreements.

2. Recommend the Presidency the definition of requests from contractors related to amendments to the programs of work, transfer of interest, extensions, deadlines, among others, of contracts and agreements for exploration and production and technical evaluation.

3. Prepare terms and conditions subject to which the contractors, as part of its social responsibility, will have programs for the benefit of the communities located in the areas of influence of the corresponding contracts, as well as to ensure compliance with them.

4. Ensure compliance with the contractual commitments of environmental and social areas where processes of exploration, production, technical assessment, mapping of areas and direct projects are executed, when required.

5. Report on the management about the development of exploration and production contracts follow-up. ​