Internal Contro​l Mechanisms


  • Strategic Committee, which acts as a Coordination Committee of the Internal Control System

  • Internal Control Office

- Comprehensive Management and Control System

- Internal Control Standard System – (MECI for its acronym in Spanish)

  •     Activities Report of the Complaints and Claims Office, of Austerity in Spending, of Institutional Management Evaluation by agencies, of Internal Audits Management, directed to the President of ANH

-Map of institutional risks and corruption risk map

-Reconciliation Committee

-Accounting Clean-Up Committee

-Institutional Development Administrative Committee​


External Contro​l Mechanisms


-Reports to the Nation's General Comptrollership Office on: Contract Management, Formulation and Advancement of Improvement Plans, and a Consolidated Annual Account Report.

  •     Evaluation report of internal accounting control system to the National General Accounting Office

  •     Government Audit Reports per term of the National Comptrollership Office

  •     Annual Executive Progress Report of the Internal Control System to the Departamento Administrativo de la Función Pública (Public Administrative Department)

  •     Report to the National Copyright Office

  •     Detailed Quarterly Progress Report of the Internal Control System published on the Web

  •     Management Reports for each term and Accountability Process

  •     Administrative Development Institutional Plan Progress Reports

  •     Reports on Budget Execution to the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit​


Accountability Mechanisms to Citizens


-Goals and Management Reports

  •     Performance Indicators

  •     Website Publication​


 Citizen Participation Mechanisms​​​



Recruitment Process (Public Hearings)​

Allow interested parties to know and discuss the results of the awards of tenders.

Management Process (Acción de Tutela - Actions for Protection)

Allow citizen demand the recognition of their rights.

Management Process (Rights to Petition)

Allow citizens complain about any inconsistency in a procedure by which they are affected.

Decision Making Process. Suggestion Box

​Allow citizen express their opinion about the Entity’s Management.​

Monitoring and Control Process 

(Citizen Oversight Committees)

​Enable citizens or different community organizations exercise supervision on the public management process as well as the call of the entity in charge of the execution of a program, project, contract or the provision of a service.​

Oversight and Control Process. Complaints and Claims Box

Allow citizens or different community organizations inform the Entity’s Senior Management about irregularities presented in the provision of services by any official or Agency Area. Through this system people can also find out about ANH.​