LAND MAP March 7​th , 2014

In this section you will find the Booklet on Updating of Land Map and their geographic representation at  March 7th, 2014.

The condition of the areas in Colombia are graphically represented in the land maps, which are continuously updated. The land map show the areas undergoing exploration and exploitation, as well as the available areas for entering into a contract for the different sedimentary basins in the country.

Areas undergoing e​xploration

(yellow blocks): are those areas undergoing exploration

Areas undergoing tec​hnical evaluation

(purple blocks with dotted filling): Referred to those undergoing evaluation tasks assigned by ANH

Areas undergoing ​exploitation

(red blocks): Are those undergoing exploitation tasks

Avail​able Areas

(gray blocks): Areas available for contracting.

Reserved Areas

(orange hatched blocks): Are the areas defined by ANH for reasons of energy policy, national security or public order; areas with special geological, environmental, social features or exploratory vauable information.

Areas f​or competitive process and bid submission

Are those areas for public offering defined and published on the ANH’s website.

Also represent those areas under negotiation​​


Updated booklet and downloading​​​

2.5 arc minute grid, coordinates origin Bogotá, Dátum
listado areas_070314.xls
Listing completion for TEAs September 16th, 2013 .xls
LYR file with ArcGIS symbology for 2.5 arc minutes