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Community Benefit Program

The PBC are the mandatory social investments made by companies dedicated to the oil industry within the framework of the contracts and agreements signed with the National Hydrocarbons Agency - ANH, so that their execution promotes, among others, the human development and contributes to the reduction of extreme poverty in Colombia.

This document is prepared within the framework of Agreement 302 of 2012 between the ANH and the UNDP, its objective is to show the development and current status of the programs for the benefit of the communities in Colombia, carried out after the review of semi-annual and annual execution reports that The oil companies presented to the ANH between 2009 and 2012, the communications and additional reports in which the companies evidence their investment in PBC and the regulatory and institutional framework that defines the PBC.

Similarly, to facilitate the preparation of this baseline, it was essential to hold workshops with different actors and field visits to the territories where the hydrocarbon industry makes social investments in PBC.